What’s The Herstorian All About?

I believe that access to our past is a human right. It’s not just old stories in books, but for women especially, it’s some of the most important social justice work we can do right now. For too long, we’ve focused on single-perspective history that was largely written by men and for men.

It’s time for change.

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I’m Kaye Jones. I’m a historian, author and teacher. I’ve been digging up lost stories and missing perspectives from history for well over a decade. I set up The Herstorian in 2020 with the sole mission of bringing multi-perspective and integrated histories to the forefront, especially in school curricula.

Some of the big questions I ponder include:

  • What does history look like when women are written back into the narrative?

  • Where does our knowledge of the past come from and how can we widen our lens to bring in the perspective of different groups of women?

  • How can we make history more relevant and accessible?

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The Herstorian is a place for anyone who wants to connect with our shared past and build a more equitable and tolerant future, especially for women. I’ll be in touch every week with a new perspective or story - and never any spam.

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